The BARK Firm


The BARK Firm was started in 2009 because we saw businesses every day that had inconsistent branding and no creative direction, and we wanted to change that.

Neil Benton

Partner/Brand Director

In 1998 Neil joined a start-up company in Seattle, WA called Avenue A. While with Avenue A, he was able to hone his skills in business, and work with some of the top marketers in the country including L'Oreal, Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, and Nabisco to name a few. Avenue A was so impressed with his drive and determination to succeed, they continued to move Neil to each of their newest locations including New York and London. When he is not working, Neil can be found on 2 wheels racing his mountain bike, or riding his many motorcycles.

Sommer Grogan

Partner/Creative Director

Designer, photographer, creative team manager, and entrepreneur, are just some of the skills this Casper native brings to the table. With over 15 years experience in the industry, this girl prides herself on top notch creative quality and excellent customer care. Her favorite endeavor in working with clients is giving them a beautiful, consistent brand! When she's not working, she can be found in any given alley or random location on a shoot, or partaking in life's finer things--her husband, two amazing children, and sometimes, even a nap!

Dustin Neal

Principal Creative

One of Wyoming’s top designers and creative thinkers. Born and raised in Wyoming, Dustin has done a wide range of design work, from publications, to ad campaigns, business branding, and product marketing. His artistic vision for strategic design has proven effective for the clients he’s worked with. When Dustin’s not busy chasing that creative dream, he can usually be found recording music in his studio, brewing beer, or waiting for that next opportunity to fish the North Platte to recharge his creative energy.

Aaron Ortega

Full-Stack Web Developer

As the full stack web developer, Aaron is responsible for what you see on websites, as well as what you don't, AKA the messy stuff. Aaron graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2012 with a degree in journalism with a focus in advertising and marketing communications. Aaron just completed the full stack web developer program at Array School of Technology and Design. In his free time, Aaron loves hanging out with his wife and daughter.

Corin Knowles

Production Designer

Designing graphics for BARK since 2014, Corin brings her diverse creative talents from the frigid north, a.k.a. Minnesota. As a designer, she is a solver of meaningful visual problems, as well as social media content creator and occasional copy-editor. Bringing art and strategy together, she believes advertising is art with a purpose; and she loves it. In her leisure, she enjoys painting watercolors, snowboarding and hiking with her husband, and daily walks with her furry canine companion, Albert.

Nathan Potter

Brand Strategist/Account Manager

With more than twenty years experience in marketing for the ski industry, .com startups, SaaS companies, and small, mid and top-tier clients, Nathan creates effective marketing strategies. Digital marketing runs deep in his DNA where he oversees strategy and participates in executing tactics that range from smart and simple, to lifecycle and automated. Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, and when he’s not dreaming about Ducatis, you can find him on a mountain bike, a motorcycle or playing guitar.

Sarah Carper

Social Manager/Graphic Designer

Sarah is originally from Northeast Wyoming and is passionate about helping to grow the social presences of Wyo-based brands. A musician and a glutton for all things design, she finds creativity in all aspects of life and believes fully in pursuing dreams and interests to the fullest. When she’s not online, you can find her spending her time with the people and the things she loves most: her family, her friends, her guitar, and her husband Brek and their golden doodle Maverick.

Patrick Iverson

Digital Brand Champion

For the past three years, Patrick has been BARK's technical side. As a full stack developer, he is capable of tackling all the aspects needed to turn a design into a website. He prides himself on delivering clean, efficient code that meets not only the client's needs, but the needs of the user. When not hammering out code late into the night, Patrick can be found making music or practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Tobosa Kail-Escrima, or Judo.

Nick Perkins

Copy Director

Casper native Nick Perkins fancies himself a storyteller, and he has ever since he won the 4th grade Young Authors Contest. His friend Eric says that Nick only won because he was the only one that entered, but Nick still maintains he won because of his character development and sharp dialogue. Since that day, Nick has never stopped writing. He has written for MTV,, Townsquare Media, and various other media and advertising outlets. He is proud to be a part of The BARK Firm and enjoys telling stories every day for their wide array of clientele.

Undiscovered Talent

This Could Be You

Are you ridiculously good at what you do? If so, you might just fit in here. We seek out the best talent we can find to fit into our team. We don’t really post job positions like some stuffy corporate office, but we do want to see your resume and examples of your work. You never know when we might just need someone like you to join our team.

We go beyond marketing essentials
offering you what you need, and what we're best at.

Working with a boutique advertising agency is where it’s at. We are a team of courageous leaders – Leaders with big advertising agency creativity – who prefer the boutique advertising agency methodology and flexibility. We bring big ideas, talent, and resources to the table. Each of us are highly-skilled, cross-disciplined, and stay current on trends and shifts in the industry. That means we all wear many hats (which is good for you) and are a highly-collaborative group, that offers fresh perspectives to our clients.