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3 Tips to Write to Relate–and Convert.

We’ve all been there: whether at a party, on a date, or networking, we’ve all experienced the presence of someone who boasts their accomplishments, credentials, and interests the entire time you’re together. They tell you what they’ve got goin’ on–and belieeeeeve them, it’s a lot–and ask very little about you, or what you like, need, or want.

It’s unpleasant, self-serving, and (for lack of a better term) a huge turn-off. Right?

So… why would you expect that experience to be any different for your customer?

Gone are the days of shouting achievements and qualifications from the rooftops to show potential customers why you’re better for them than your competition. If you really want to reach them, show them how you’ll actually help them.

Not sure how to do that? Fret not, we’re here to help. Here are three quick tips to get you started:

1. Ask Questions
Want to get to know someone better? It’s as easy as asking a question! Use questions in your captions, graphics, and long-form copy to catch attention and get your customer thinking. This can also encourage engagement–which keeps your content in front of them more often.

2. Use You-First Statements
We get it, questions aren’t always appropriate! But when you must use statements, try putting your reader first rather than talking about yourself. “Your company will see benefits x and y…” is a lot more directly appealing and applicable to a potential customer than “We can do x and y…”

3. Flip the Script
Excited about the features of your newest product and having trouble talking about it in a way that doesn’t seem like a hard sell? Try flipping the script! Instead of “Our new product does x, y, and z!”, try saying, “Want to do x, y, and z? You’ll love our new product!”

There you have it! Three easy ways to be a considerate marketer that relates more directly with your customer. We encourage you to try implementing these steps in your next social posts, emails, and other marketing materials and watch the engagements and conversions grow!

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