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5 Reasons to Implement Video Into Your Social Media Strategy

If you log in to any one of your social media accounts right now, we’re willing to bet you’ll notice video content within the first 10 seconds. Go ahead and try, we’ll wait!

…we were right, weren’t we?

So why is video so prevalent on social media these days? Because it reigns king when it comes to social media growth and engagement, that’s why–and people have officially caught on.

If you’re resisting the idea of putting resources into quality video content, or wondering why you should be implementing video into your social media content strategy at all, here are 5 reasons why you absolutely should look into it (or at the very least, consider the possible return on a worthwhile investment).

Reason #1: It Gets More Exposure
With the rise of TikTok in the height of the pandemic, the O.G. social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram were quick to take notice of how effective its short, quippy videos and catchy tunes were at attracting users. Intending to help retain their users and remain competitive, they created their own version known as Reels, which has become the ticket to growth on Instagram today.

Most algorithms favor accounts that use Reels to share original video, use Reels tools like trending sounds, and customize Reels with tools like text and filters. Besides these platforms promoting adoptabiliity of their new features and tools, video content typically performs best based purely on the fact it captures a viewer’s attention for longer.

Reason #2: It Captures Attention More Quickly
Speaking of attention… did you know that a goldfish is estimated to have an attention span of 9 seconds? Did you know that researchers have found that human attention spans are now even shorter than that? Video is a key tool in capturing and keeping the attention of your followers as it’s constantly moving, informing, and entertaining the viewer.

Reason #3: It Gets More Engagement
Once they’ve captured your followers’ attention, videos are proven to garner more engagement. Not only will followers stay on your post longer in their feed to view your video than they would by briefly looking at a photo (and giving it a double-tap if you’re lucky), but according to a study by Later.com, social media videos generate 1200% more shares compared with images and text combined.

Reason #4: It is More Personable
Unlike a long-winded paragraph, video is extremely easy to consume and allows you to directly control your story. This not only makes your content more engaging, but it also increases your brand’s authenticity and trust.

Consider the different ways that the response “Okay” can be interpreted in email or over text for example. A one-word response is often misinterpreted over digital communication, but when someone says it to you directly in person, over the phone or otherwise, you can tell exactly how they mean it. In a similar way, your brand can utilize video content to show customers exactly who you are, what you stand for and what you can do for them.

Reason #5: It Appeals to a Broad Audience
It’s no secret that Gen Z is a digital generation, but even before they dawned the title “TikTok-ers”, the Millennials binged video clips on the all-but-forgotten platform Vine. They gave rise to today’s YouTube celebrities and were FAR too influenced by MTV music videos, but also grew up watching America’s Funniest Home Videos with their parents and being babysat by the same classic cartoons they grew up on when THEIR parents weren’t watching the evening news.

Our point? The one thing nearly every generation on social media has in common is an affinity to consuming content through a video medium–be it music, news, tutorials, or our peers dancing in their living rooms.

We know, we know. Producing quality video content may be more time-consuming than taking a photograph, but once complete and implemented correctly, we also know that you will see your results go further, your audiences grow closer, and your following grow larger.

The bottom line is: give it a try and create some high-quality videos for all of your social platforms, whether it’s for posts, stories, or ads. If video content production and optimization makes you nervous, turns out that’s something we do and love!

Our team has a firm grasp on what makes a great video and how to share it. Contact us today.