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Behind the Brand: The Market Development


Family-owned and operated, The Market stores is your grocery store down the road. From their first store in Ridgway, CO, to new Markets across the mountain west, customer service is their top priority. Their friendly staff works hard to ensure your shopping trip is exceptional. Their commitment to the towns they serve and their passion for good food provides a standard for quality. With 12 stores in over four states, they serve their communities healthy options, recipes, weekly sales, and more.


The challenge was to brand their stores together as a family of locations that serves their communities. Initially, they created names for each specific area and branded those stores to the area. However, as they have grown, they saw a need for people to be able to find them and to recognize them as one big brand.


Working with the owners and learning about their unique challenges and goals is what guided our team through this process. We did research and provided them with ideas and solutions, allowing them to be part of the process the whole way. When we launched (recently) it was worth all the work and time we put into it. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and we know the client is extremely proud of their new brand.