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Cheers To A Decade! BARK Brand Refresh

Why Now?
Because after 10 years of being The BARK Firm (YES! It really has been 10 years), it’s time for a refresh that reflects the “US” we are now. So, who are we now, exactly?

First, we are a team that is humbled and thankful to have made it a decade! And, incredibly grateful for the vast and varied clients that have made that possible over an entire 10 years.

Then, we are the team that continues to “Brand Wyoming” with cutting edge design, calculated strategy, proven campaigns with real results and the story-telling messaging that “nails it” whenever possible.

Self-reflection is key in personal growth and business is no different. As we embark on our 10-year anniversary, it’s an amazing opportunity to refine our own brand, our own strategy, and our own purpose!  Our new logo is bolder, more sophisticated, and more refined, just like US!

What’s Changed?
A lot. But, in a nut-shell… our wheels are oiled, our processes are better than ever, and the impact we create for our clients is ever-increasing.

Big change can’t happen without great people. BARK has grown from a team of 3 to a solid team of 9 leading into 2020. And with a solid team, comes solid work!

We are most excited about the level of creativity, quality, and customer care we can accommodate as this fantastic team of 9; each bringing their own unique talents, earned skill sets, and incredible strengths to the collective BARK table.

What Hasn’t Changed?
Our commitment to being the leading creative firm in our neck of the woods, our commitment to continued self-reflection and a willingness to “pivot” whenever the project or client needs require it, and our commitment to do ALL those things while maintaining a healthy work/life balance for our team.

Cheers to a decade, and hopefully several more decades to come!
From All of US at The BARK Firm