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Control Or Growth? You Choose.

More and more business owners (regardless of industry or size) have decided “enough!” of trying to keep up with their own marketing, and have reached out and asked for someone (maybe even anyone!) to take it all over. ALL OF IT.

Let’s be real for a minute. Marketing is hard. It’s actually never been harder for Wyoming-ites because we not only have the digital age to contend with, but also more traditional strategies that our community and state still seem to garner sizable business from. For us, it’s “Yes” to Google, Facebook, and even Tik-Tok (we’re surprised too), as well as billboards, radio, and the occasional magazine or newspaper ad. And, it’s all ongoing, and a lot to manage.

So, why the change in perspective now, more than ever before?  Not enough time? Way too hard? A BA-JILLION platforms? It’s Google’s fault, right?!.. no one can make sense of all the noise, yet it seems to really matter.

We think it’s all of the above! But mostly, we think more and more industry leaders are understanding that in order for them to lead well in their businesses, they need to ruthlessly eliminate distractions and let some things go. Maintaining “all things marketing” happens to be one of the items on the list taking up too many resources and trying to keep control of that effort is actually preventing growth for many business owners.

For some, maybe it’s not marketing that needs to be addressed. Perhaps there are a host of other things preventing the growth you desire for your company. It could be a “blah” culture that’s holding you back, not enough autonomy, lack of structure, too much structure, or a host of other things.

The idea behind the reflection of this post is just that: Reflect.

Identify one area in your company that is postponing or halting your goals, whether it be growth or something else. And to steal one more really good line from our buddy, Craig… “The difference between where you are and where you could be lies in the next intentional decision you have been unwilling to make.”

Good luck on figuring this next piece out, and if you do decide marketing is “the thing” that needs to be adjusted within your organization, you know where to find us.