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Creativity During COVID-19

Working as a CREATIVE during COVID-19

How can nothing and practically everything change so much since November 2019? We have a few reflections we’d like to share from the past few months on how we’ve been working as a Creative Team and as a Marketing Agency.

  1. Brainstorming remotely

    This is not our first rodeo, working from home is what we do…but we miss each other. There’s something about getting a small group of creative minds together to really get some ideas flowing.
    How we’re adjusting: Bring the coffee, bring the energy and use video conferencing. Good things will come from just seeing someone’s face.

  2. Being creative when there are more distractions (dogs/kids/spouses)

    The BARK Firm has been working remotely since it began a decade ago. We know how to do it, and we pretty much NAIL it. But when you add in changes to kid/daycare schedules and your spouse trying to work in the same space as you, things get complicated.
    How we’re adjusting: Blocking out stretches of time whenever and wherever to let the creative juices flow, and keep flowing. Sometimes taking a walk can help clear your headspace and good ideas come.

  3. Being Positive

    Creativity in a doom and gloom world starts with attitude. It’s hard to kickstart creativity when you are upset, worried, confused, scared, or anxious.
    How we’re adjusting: You have to sit down and get in a positive mental space for it to get going. Do something in the morning that makes you happy, hug your family, hug your dog, and maybe put reading the news off for a few hours


Adapting the WORK WE DO to the current climate

We’ve had to adapt our creative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – and we plan to make similar alterations as the crisis continues to unfold.

What we’ve done:

Guidelines to social distancing, mass gatherings, public spaces, business closures, mask-wearing, and more are changing and evolving. Communicating that on behalf of our clients has to be communicated quickly–sometimes within hours. We’ve been creatively thinking of ways to craft and rework messaging, and being flexible and available to put the message out fast. We’ve had to rely heavily on all our digital platforms to do this effectively.

We’ve had to adjust and sometimes scrap entire campaign materials to adjust to the current climate:

  • Provide essential and useful information.
  • Acknowledge we are in a different time, display empathy, and focus more on how to be helpful rather than pricing and selling.
  • Avoid certain lifestyle imagery. (Large gatherings, spring break, etc.)

Hitting the Pause Button. 

It felt as though the entire world hit pause when Coronavirus erupted this winter, and it was a weird feeling for all of us. When work slowed or halted for some, we saw people channeling their creative energy into all sorts of things; hobbies like gardening or cooking, getting more active outside and exploring nature, or learning a new language keeping their minds and bodies engaged.

One thing we know is that it’s difficult for any creative mind to simply stop creating things… and we’re thankful we’ve been able to keep our creative energy flowing here at the BARK Firm.