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How Do Google Ads Help Small Business Grow?

The Power Of Search Intent

Today’s consumer has higher expectations on businesses and shorter attention spans than ever before. This isn’t necessarily a problem, though, as businesses everywhere are adapting to this new tech-savvy consumer.

The gap between a consumer’s problem and a business that is selling a viable solution has grown smaller over the years. This is in large part thanks to innovative technology that bridged this gap for many. Nowadays, when someone has a problem, they simply pull out their smart device and type that problem into a search engine such as Google or Bing. This is called search intent.

The intent of the user is to find a solution to the problem they are having. This could be an answer to a question, a product that fixes their issue, or a service that caters specifically to their situation.

The Power Of Relevancy

The primary reason why small businesses want to be found online is because of search intent. The strategy that plays the biggest part in this is called search relevancy. The idea is a simple one. The more relevant a small business’s products or services are to the user, the more likely that that user will be “converted” from searcher to customer.

There are a lot of considerations for the user who is searching such as price, quality, quantity, brand reputation, etc. But for the small business, the value of becoming relevant to their target consumers is significant.

Lastly, it’s important to mention the costs associated with search engine marketing. Major search networks such as Google and Bing charge based on a cost-per-click model. Which means the businesses are only paying for the traffic they receive. After the user “clicks” on the search ad, it is up to the business to have an efficient digital storefront to convert the user to a customer. It is also up to the business to have an effective strategy in place to keep that customer a loyal one and cater to their future needs.

How The Bark Firm Succeeds At Small Business Search Engine Marketing

The Bark Firm succeeds at helping small businesses get found online by taking this overarching strategy and applying our years of experience to maximize budget, generate site traffic, and convert users to customers. For a more effective and efficient search engine marketing campaign, contact The BARK Firm today!