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Advance Casper (formerly CAEDA) recently hired BARK to give them a new identity- an identity that cut through all the noise and got down to the facts as to why they exist as a fundamental economic staple of our great city.
The rebrand project included a hefty brainstorm session on renaming the organization, giving them a new look, and revamping their outbound messaging to the appropriate audiences to be clear and effective.
This particular project was of significant interest to the entire BARK team and something we ALL care about, so being selected as the firm to carry out the work was a real honor and privilege.
Advance Casper works WITH, FOR, and is ABOUT the growth & success of our community. They work with businesses and community leaders to create the change WE want to see. Our hope is that this new brand serves them well and creates impact far beyond our measurable reach!


Brand Reveal

This was a milestone for Casper and we felt it was worth having something cool to reveal the new brand. Together we all advance and move forward. Both for businesses and the community as a whole.

Advance Casper is an active decision to GROW, UNITE, and CREATE our best community.

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