Centennial Woods


2018 TO 2019


Partnering with Centennials Woods to help them create a world-class brand to match their real reclaimed wood was a big project. We developed their new brand to include a redesign of the logo, website, graphics, communications, signage, and packaging. Featuring a new green and gray color scheme, the clean, updated look makes a nod to their history and their continued commitment to sustainability. By working with them and doing research we were able to evaluate what they had been doing and make strategic decisions that helped their brand further their marketing efforts and better serve their clients.

Centennial Woods logo
Image of printed booklet for Centennial Woods
Images of the various website pages designed.
Designed shipping labels for Centennial Woods.
Website displayed on a mac, ipad, and iphone.


Centennial Woods Website Redesign

The redesign of Centennial Woods' website was a large undertaking. We developed a clean modern site that speaks to the various customers they serve. It showcases their product in beautiful finished project images that resonate with consumers. Their reclaimed wood is unique and special, so the site had to find a way to convey that and showcase what it can do for a space.

The work we did for their rebrand was extensive and challenging. We had a steep learning curve and a large task at transforming a company that had been in business for twenty years. That being said, we couldn't be more thrilled with the way it all turned out.

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