picture of a flooded basement.


CK Mechanical


2019 to Present


CK Mechanical has been around for a long time and is a well-established brand. They came to us because over the years their marketing became fragmented, their message was scattered, and their marketing efforts were just not seeing results. So we came in and put together a strategy, a fresh consistent look, and a campaign to get their message out there and put them back in front of their competitors. We instantly gained hundreds of new followers across all platforms and saw increased web traffic.


Still Waiting Campaign

The still waiting campaign focuses on the worst aspect of a plumbing issue. The wait. You need a professional to answer the phone, show up on time, give you a straight forward price and fix the issue properly and let you get back to your life. The art shows everyday people with their heads just barely above water.

Getting a chance to come with a fresh idea and see a campaign get results is really rewarding. We made plumbing fun and "sexy" for social, creating an overall aesthetic and instantly recognizable brand.

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