Funk Off




Coming on-board to take this brand to launch was a great adventure. The owners had a great idea and worked with local Wyoming designer Bria Hammock to get the direction set with a cool logo. From there they asked us to take what they had and build the rest of the brand. We had one creative meeting and the rest was history. The product speaks for itself, so all we had to do is tell the story of how it came to be and create a package that embodied the attitude, the rugged nature, and the utilitarian aspect of it. We sought reference in the activated charcoal and dressed this brand in black with a clean pop-color and a high contrast white. We wanted the design to be bold and distinct and we think we accomplished that across all media aspects.




Funk Off Video

A product this cool and fun needed a spokesperson. Someone to really get the message across. We developed this character with on-screen talent and rallied to bring the message home. Countless hours went into executing this concept and we think it really paints the picture we all sought out to execute.

Adventure on, funk off!

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