McGinley Orthopedics


2012 TO 2017


Our goal has been to design, implement, and continue to maintain a brand as well recognized and respected as the name of the company itself. This client has allowed us the opportunity to create a unique scope of work including multiple medical product logos, product brochures and instructions for use, trade show booth designs and apparel designs; as well as educational materials and conference materials for courses that are taught nationwide.


Intellisense Drill Manuals

The Intellisense Drill is a state-of-the-art piece of medical technology developed by Joe McGinley and his team. We were tasked to develop the extensive training and use manuals for this product. We crafted all the materials that surgeons around the country use to familiarize themselves with the drill.

They have challenged us to refine our skills and they push us to offer our very best as a creative firm.

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