Moser work truck hauling a generator with a scenic mountain scene behind it.


Moser Energy Systems




Moser is a family-owned company, founded in the Oil City, that is innovating the way people and companies think about energy and natural gas. They brought us on board to get a clear and consistent direction for their marketing efforts. Kicking their current branding up a notch, our efforts brought brand consistency to their groundbreaking products.

Moser Energy Systems Logo


Legacy Video

Putting together a legacy video for Moser was a must-do project. It spanned many months and several shoots to get the right footage and the right feel to accurately tell their story.

MOSER is a well-established name in their industry. By taking their brand and developing the visual components and pairing it with a strategy to meet their needs for their clients, we have been able to not only help them grow but gain more recognition in their industry.