The Nicolaysen Art Museum


2010 TO 2015


For five years we crafted a consistent brand for the NIC, as well as developed collateral for all their events, and art shows. We also developed the creation of their Mosaic magazine, which provides information about upcoming art shows and more. We also spent time creating custom books for some of their touring artists. Our strategic marketing efforts spanned digital, print, and social media to help draw awareness of the NIC and secure its place in Casper.

NIC Logo
NIC Magazine 2
NIC Magazine
NIC Marketing Materials
NIC Catalog
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Nicfest Annual Event Look & Feel

Each year the NIC hosts a large community art event called the Nicfest, and with each coming year, a new look for the event needed to be created! Usually a themed event, we had the privilege to come to together as a team and decide the look of the event. Fun stuff!