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Story Matters. Especially Right Now…

In the midst of the absolute chaos our entire world is trying to wade through right now, the last thing anyone wants to see, read, or engage with is empty content. 

This post is literally a public service announcement of sorts from our team to yours. We believe (with every fragment that creates the backbone of our company) that STORY is POWER. 

In a time when almost everything feels uncertain, there are very few guarantees, and everyone is trying to find their place in society’s current state of affairs, remembering your WHY and your PURPOSE is more important than ever.

What is it that you actually care about? How are you being intentional as a company? What is the message you really want to put out right now? How would you say it? And WHY should people care?

There are many of us who have probably had our purpose shaken a bit in the last several weeks, and perhaps your WHY is on unsteady ground right now.  That’s OK. Us too! That just means purpose can shift. It can adapt and change with circumstance, but it should always reflect back to who you are as a company, a business owner, an employer, a team member, an individual. 

Like it or not, this time in history is part of our story. And oftentimes,  it is the hard, tumultuous periods we walk through that refine us, stretch us, push us to the point of near breaking…and then, a shift happens. We find new strength. We find new hope. We are somehow BETTER than we were before. And with these shifts as an organization and as people, the tone of our story changes with us! Our messaging has upgraded as well. It is grounded in something different and speaks from a place that is wiser and more experienced-just like us.

We are simply here to encourage our community of business minded people to remember the power of story. Remember that we all have influence. Remember to pause and say something real in your emails, social platforms, messaging and communications to all your people. Remember your WHY, ground yourself in your purpose and values as a company, talk about it internally, and share it with others!


Speaking of sharing with others… we’ve started a communal mission with #wearewychallenge for EVERYONE in Wyoming (business owners, employees, moms, dads, friends, family…you get the gist) to share how they are staying positive, creating impact, making social distancing (kind of) fun, and serving others!

It is in the beginning stages, so if you feel like joining the movement and spreading some joy and inspiration, share something encouraging, fun, or Wyoming-inspired on social and use #wearewychallenge. Tag a friend or two to spread the word and encourage them to do the same. Let’s show the world how Wyoming pulls together, even when we’re apart.