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Change The Conversation

Sommer Grogan Article

Change is neither good, nor bad. It simply is. It can be greeted with terror, or joy; a tantrum that says, ‘I want it the way it was,’ or a dance that says ‘Look, something new.’ PR people understand this, but they can never execute it. If you don’t like what is being said, change… continue reading »

Company Culture/Shift

Dustin Neal Article

Everyone talks about company culture but what is it really and why should I care? Here is the basic idea. Your company’s culture is a reflection of your shared values, attitude, and behavior. These attributes are not only pushed by the company, but they are embraced by the employees and are reinforced by the decisions the… continue reading »

Creativity During COVID-19

Corin Knowles Article

Working as a CREATIVE during COVID-19 How can nothing and practically everything change so much since November 2019? We have a few reflections we’d like to share from the past few months on how we’ve been working as a Creative Team and as a Marketing Agency. Brainstorming remotely This is not our first rodeo, working… continue reading »

What Does Your Digital Storefront Say About Your Small Business?  

Alec Kirby Article

In such a chaotic time, operating your small business may seem almost impossible. With so many physical spaces either shutdown or under regulation, it can make doing business in-person difficult. This is especially true for small businesses that have a storefront where customers regularly engage to conduct transactions. Though this can cause headaches for many,… continue reading »

Communication In (Or Not In) Crisis

Sarah Carper Article

By Sarah Carper, BARK Social Media Manager + Designer I’ll never forget my first experience with crisis community management as a marketer. Fresh out of college, I woke up on a Saturday morning away for the weekend with friends to my social media notifications full of a growing number of red pings for a Facebook… continue reading »

Now is the Time to Optimize

Dustin Neal Article

OPTIMIZE op·ti·mize /ˈäptəˌmīz/ verb make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource). We don’t need to tell you things have changed. Right now businesses need to take a proactive approach to move forward in an effort to come out stronger on the other side. What we see is an opportunity… continue reading »

Say Something Real

Sommer Grogan Article

Story Matters. Especially Right Now… In the midst of the absolute chaos our entire world is trying to wade through right now, the last thing anyone wants to see, read, or engage with is empty content.  This post is literally a public service announcement of sorts from our team to yours. We believe (with every… continue reading »

Cheers To A Decade! BARK Brand Refresh

Sommer Grogan Article

Why Now? Because after 10 years of being The BARK Firm (YES! It really has been 10 years), it’s time for a refresh that reflects the “US” we are now. So, who are we now, exactly? First, we are a team that is humbled and thankful to have made it a decade! And, incredibly grateful… continue reading »

Digital Strategy In Small Business Matters

Sommer Grogan Article

The buzzword “digital marketing” has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Though there may be some confusion around the term & how it is applied to small businesses, the fact remains that it is not going away & is growing year-over-year. The number of users who now have access to the internet is growing… continue reading »

Cut Your Marketing Slack

Sommer Grogan Article

As professionals, we all have to “take inventory” from time to time and evaluate the areas of our company that may need a little streamlining. We have found, that all too often, marketing is definitely one of those areas.  Here at BARK, we define “marketing slack” as any marketing effort that absorbs time and resources… continue reading »

Humor Me! Why being funny works in marketing.

Corin Knowles Article

Can you remember your favorite commercials of all time? Or maybe a billboard that made you say “HaHA! That was clever!” Well humor has been used in advertising for a long time, and it’s not changing anytime soon.    We buy from people we like, and humor is the easiest and fastest way to get… continue reading »

Real Advice On Social Media Strategy From The BARK Firm (And It’s Free)

Sarah Carper Article

Ahhh, the world of social media. The ever-evolving, ever-addicting, ever-confusing world of best selves, algorithms, and love-hate relationships intermixed with strategy and great content.  It’s also an endless bank of consumers that want to know you, and your product, directly.  There are a lot of factors to a good social strategy between all the hashtags,… continue reading »

You’re Not An Artist; You Solve Problems

Nick Perkins Article

“If we were making a movie or a play, we’d be embarrassed to do this,” Peggy Olson complains to her boss, Don Draper in an episode of Mad Men. Peggy is a copywriter for an ad agency, and she’s hesitant to work on a campaign for a client because, in her mind, it leaves very… continue reading »

An Idea Alone is Not Enough

Dustin Neal Article

We may like the notion that our business, brand, product, service, or idea is so great that it can stand alone, but the truth is that none of these things can develop, grow, or be successful by themselves. You need people. Partners, collaborators, builders, relationships, and connections. Every successful brand/business rallies behind their people. It… continue reading »

Ask Yourself Why

Sommer Grogan Article

Very few companies can clearly tell people WHY they do WHAT they do. And when we’re talking about WHY that doesn’t mean “for money.” That’s a result. By WHY we mean what is the PURPOSE of your company? WHY do you exist? What drives you? What is it that makes you tirelessly work for your company each and every day? You must believe in… continue reading »