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Stay The Course

Marketing doesn’t stop if and when business slows down.

I know you feel it. We feel it too. What’s to come in 2023? Will there be a recession? What about inflation and interest rates! How do we prepare? The opinions are endless surrounding these topics, and all the noise creates uncertainty and fear for everyone- business owners and non-business owners alike.

We’ve been at this marketing gig for 13 years now, and for many of our team members individually, even longer than that! When uncertainty arises, a pattern emerges, and that pattern usually involves scaling back on lots of line items… but when most businesses think marketing efforts are an easy and logical place to cut, they’re actually mistaken.

If you really think about it, that should be one of the LAST efforts to scale back in uncertain times!

I know, I know… easy for us to say! But, hear this out.

When uncertain times hit, the consumer’s needs and wants don’t disappear- they just get re- prioritized. So, keeping your business positioned for recognition and keeping your brand awareness alive is more crucial than ever. 

Because consistency matters ALL the time, and when consumers step back out of “gun-shy-mode” your business will be perfectly positioned for growth.

If you stay steady and present when many others do not, your brand will prove itself to be consistent, strong, and resilient–remaining top of mind for when needs arise (and you can be sure they will). 

As you navigate through 2023, you should be evaluating your costs and asking good questions, for sure. The key is not to let fear drive your decision making. So, how about asking how your marketing efforts are best serving you. 

  • Do you have scattered efforts going every which way? 
  • Do you have a dedicated person or people that are consistently prioritizing your vision, overarching goals and strategy and pushing those forward FOR you? 
  • Do you have actual strategy in place at all, or are all your marketing efforts reactive? 
  • Do you need a plan? Do you need help? Is one person even going to cut it?

If one or several of these questions have your wheels turning a bit, reach out to us. The benefit of working with The BARK Firm is that hiring our entire team of experts is relative in cost to hiring one well-qualified internal employee. The difference? Our team has the experience, qualifications, expertise, strategy, and proactive approach that no ONE employee could ever handle by themselves. 

It could very well be the easiest, best decision you make for your business this year.