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Using Social To Your Advantage; Creating Engaging Content to Stop Their Scroll

Have you learned the latest trending TikTok dance? Or tried the new viral Chick-fil-A ordering hack?

Don’t worry, neither have I. Social media can have a reputation for being a bit unprofessional or even adolescent, but I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. Social media is a phenomenal tool that can help your business grow in many ways. But it is important to understand how to use it and how to create engaging and diverse content that will stop users scroll on the other end of the screen!

1. Use eye-catching and on brand graphics
Eye catching graphics that are branded are a great way to switch up your feed while still maintaining a consistent look and feel. Sharing witty one liners, or explaining more about your core values are some ideas when it comes to creating social graphics. This is also a great option for those that feel they “have nothing to post”.

Tips for creating and sharing social graphics:
– Take up as much vertical real estate on the screen as possible. For example, Instagram allows posts up to 1080 x 1350 pixels, 4:5 aspect ratio. Use that to your advantage and create graphics that will Cathy heir eye and fill their screen.
– Use brand colors consistently so when followers see your colors it creates brand recognition.
– Graphics can be more than a single image. Create carousels so users have to swipe to read more, or even create a fun video that entices them to stop scrolling and watch from beginning to end.

2.  Utilize video as much as possible
With a boom in the world of video content, platforms are pushing for users and businesses to hit record instead of posting a classic picture. This may seem simple at first, until you realize what actually goes into the production behind that video you saw on TikTok or Instagram Reels. But those who put the time in and post videos will be rewarded, because they allow you to reach a larger potential audience than just a single image.

Tips for creating and sharing video content:
– All clips need to be taken vertically. Horizontal clips do not preform well and are not as eye catching because they are not filling the watcher’s screen.
– Take multiple takes from different angles so when it comes to clipping together the end result, you have options. The videos you don’t use can also be saved for a rainy day, and save you time as you build your video content.
– Take videos in a setting with good natural light and if need be bring a light source to help brighten the scene.
– Use fun audios and music that fit the video.

3. Take advantage of UGC
UGC stands for User Generated Content which is an important tool when it comes to have engaging social content. These are usually people who love your brand or had a positive experience and shared with their own followers. A modern take on “word-of-mouth” you might say. When you are able to gather UGC and post it to your own social feed, it can draw more people to want to post their own UGC for your business.

Tips for sharing or gathering UGC:
– When applicable, ask for permission to use their pictures or videos.
– Scroll through your mentions, tags, recommendations and even pictures on google from people who might have left reviews or checked in. These are great places to discover UGC.
– Use high quality content; don’t feel the need to post all UGC you’re tagged in.
– When interacting with customers in person, ask them to follow and tag you on social media.

Need help navigating the tricky overwhelming world of social and help developing a consistent social feed and presence? The Bark Firm is here to help!