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What Makes a Great Logo?

In this issue of Behind The Brand, we dive into LOGOS.

Though there are many aspects that make up a brand, the logo is typically viewed as the main element. A good logo should speak some identifiable truths about your brand and they should be able to stand the test of time. The best logos are easily identifiable and they tend to own their brand color and style. Even better, a well-designed logo will reflect the audience in which they serve. It becomes more than a trademark, or just another symbol of consumer spending. A great logo can become a banner and a rallying cry for the audience to champion and support. A voice in which to be heard, and a symbol of something you stand for.

The best brands all know this. And, that is why every day new businesses and brands emerge, and they all embark on the journey of creating their logo.

So, in other words, a brand is much more than its logo, but make no mistake, the power of a good logo can take you far. For us here at BARK, we’ve spent plenty of years building brands, and it all starts with a great logo. I can’t tell you exactly how many logos have come out of our shop in the last 13+ years, but here are a few that we love.

The BARK Firm Team

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